Our foals are born on the "Roof of Provence", between Ventoux and Lubéron, at an altitude of 1100m, on our horses which smell like lavender throughout the seasons.

Passionate about horses from father to daughter and lavender growers for 7 generations, it is at the heart of our lavender farm that we raise our horses while watching the lavender grow.

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Le poulain de vos rêves

Our breeding offers foals from our 5 mares, 3 Friesian and 2 Percheron, and our Friesian stallion for reservation.

Our foals are all Recorded Origin (OC) crosses or pure Friesians.

Our stallion is available for breeding.

If you have an idea but you are not sure, do not hesitate to come and tell me about it.


ReservationPrice of the Foal
in Utero5000
Already born foal6500

The family album

Here is Ferdinand.

Ferdinand is a Friesian PP stallion.
Short and baroque model, a lot of horsehair (1m60 of mane before he lived in the meadow), baleen, a neckline placed on the withers and breathtaking gaits...
A well-balanced horse in his head with a golden behavior.

The Baroque Frisians are on the way to extinction....

It is available in hand riding for mares WHO DO NOT TAPE otherwise refused.

FER is the son of the late king JASPER 366 - the top of the line in terms of genetics - and his mother is a daughter of the very beautiful FOLKERT 353.

Jasper366 Folkert 353

FER will be available for outdoor projection from April 5 at a price of €500 excluding tax.

Board 10€ /d
Following mare 12€ /d
(With hay at will)


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